Warmth Within Reach From Passivhaus

Warmth Within Reach From Passivhaus

With the current UK gas crisis Passivhaus can only increase its momentum as the most appropriate and economical choice for green buildings. As a result, more UK residents are looking into this type of house. Scotland is also giving Passivhaus boosts, with many now given the go-ahead to build more homes that are “green”. But there’s still no countrywide push towards such buildings, even though the UK government has announced measures in support of this growing trend.

Why is it that the UK isn’t promoting more building for green reasons? Well, the answer lies in two big reasons. First, a lack of political will. Second, a lack of awareness among the population. With that said, you can now find more people building new homes that use environmentally friendly materials like double glazed windows, sustainable materials like wood or stone, and state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems.

More Eco-Friendly Homes

If more people start building homes that are friendly to the environment, the progress on clean energy, like carbon-dioxide reduction, for example, will see a significant increase. With that said, there’s no doubt that a large increase in the number of new green homes would help passivhaus become a major player in the building world. Another positive factor is the passing of the “Green bill” that aims to make residential developments more environmentally friendly. This, in turn, will also encourage more people to build more affordable housing. The combination of a developing economy and an increased focus on environmental considerations will only help passivhaus gain a firm foothold in the UK building market.

More Energy Efficiency

But, although all this seems positive, some are worried that the rise of affordable housing may slow down, or even disappear altogether, due to a lack of demand. While it’s fair to say that the British public want more buildings that are more energy efficient, they’d also like more houses that are cheaper to run in the long run. If people feel that the houses, they are living in are costing them too much to run, they’ll be more inclined to move into more eco-friendly houses.

If you live in London or any other UK region, it’s certainly possible that you’ll benefit from a new development that uses sustainable building methods. There are a few good examples of these developments – Passivhaus for instance, is a new building method which utilises many traditional German building techniques.

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