Architect Design – The Role of the Architect in the Design Process

Architect Design – The Role of the Architect in the Design Process

Architect design is the creative process and the end product of designing, planning, and building various structures or buildings. Architectural projects, in the conventional form such as homes, schools, and businesses, are generally perceived as creative works and as visual symbols. However, the discipline of architectural engineering involves the systematic application of scientific principles to solve specific problems.

The term architect is derived from the Greek words arch meaning “a standing structure”, and logos meaning “skill in designing”. These two words have applied to architects since ancient times when the builders used such skills to build structures. In fact, some of the earliest archaeological evidence that we have come across concerns the existence of an architect as early as the third millennium B.C. This indicates that the art of architects began long before the birth of civilization.

Energy consumption

Architect design is based on several factors and the architect must consider these factors carefully when developing a plan for any project. One of these factors is energy consumption. As most of us know, a building requires electricity to function and this is one of the major considerations that residential architects must take into account. For this reason, many people ask how an architect can incorporate energy efficient technology into their designs. The answer is simple; the architect must use the best technologies that are available to them for designing and building their residential or commercial building.

There are different strategies used by architects all over the world to reduce the negative environmental impact of buildings and one of these strategies is to create a more energy-efficient facility.

Since the dawn of the new era, there has been a continuous increase in the height of skyscrapers and the use of materials in the construction of these skyscrapers. Architects are challenged by this trend and they must come up with ways to design buildings that can accommodate these new structures.

Additional services

To reduce the negative impact of construction, architects hire a number of expert architects to help them with their plans. An architect does not only construct buildings, but he also provides various services to his clients, such as providing ventilation systems, designing the roof of the building, water systems, etc. All these services are provided by the architect through his expertise and professionalism. Nowadays, almost every building design is being constructed by using high quality materials. The architect does not only construct buildings; he also provides various services such as designing the architecture of a structure, its construction plans, electrical facilities, water systems, ventilation systems, heating systems, etc.

Good architect design should be able to provide a complete solution to these problems. He must have a sound knowledge of the latest technologies that are being used in designing of architecture. Although it is a fact that the architects are highly skilled professionals, you must remember that their main job is to design and construct buildings. It has been observed that experienced architects are usually very creative and can easily think of new and innovative ways of designing a structure or building.

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